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Artists on the Gold Coast of Ontario

Ontario's South Coast

Norfolk County on Lake Erie

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SUZANNE ANDREWS - soap maker

Creating soap from raw materials for15 years.

18 King St. Port Ryerse
(519) 428-1772


RON BEZZO - wood turner

Ron turns wood to bring out the natural essence for both functional and creative themes. wood.

1688 Charlotteville Rd.5, Vittoria
(519) 426-9687


JULIE BOSGOED - spinner, knitter

Julie creates her hand spun and dyed natural fibers into fashionable clothing.

1454 Front Rd. St. Williams
(519) 586-3972


LINDA RAPAI - print maker

Linda loves the printmaking process and it shows.

14 Archibald Drive, Port Rowan
(519) 586-3337


Melissa's porcelain is made by hand that shows why her unique designs have been shown throughout Canada.

(519) 909-9204 



 Terry excels at pantograph quilting.

Quilts At The Old Post Office
1 Van Norman Street, Normandale
(519) 428-5671


PAT MCLEAN - quilter

Pat's designs for her quilts, wall hangings and fashion are inspired by nature.

(519) 875-1594


LENA MEDIN-RUSSELL - driftwood sculptor/painter

Lena creates 3D weathered landscapes.

2318 Front Road, Normandale
(519) 426-0303


KAL COMMODORE - carved glass

Kal creates architectural carvings and etchings on flat glass and mirror

(519) 428-1428


TRACY CRANDALL - purse maker

Tracy's purses are one-of-a-kind hand knitted/crocheted, felted wool handbags and accessories.

(519) 426-8310


CINDY BENKO - multi media artist

Cindy creates stained glass designs, pottery designs and is also an avid painter.

#20 Windham East Quarter Line, Simcoe
(519) 426-9295



Ellen creates oil on canvas of the Norfolk countryside.

52 McCall St, Simcoe
(519) 426-1253


          GAIL WALKER
- jewelry and cards

Unique jewelry and cards.

137 DeCou Rd, Simcoe
(519) 426-3715


FRED EAGLESMITH - painter/musician

Fred's well known for his music, little known is his unique talent as a painter.

1562 Old Brock St., (The Old Masonic Hall), Vittoria
(519) 583-3878


KIM & IAN GRANT - sculptors

Garden accessories created from salvaged material in an original manner.

1586 10th Concession, Silver Hill
(519) 875-2671


JONAS STONKUS - sculptor

Jonas creates art with glass , wood, metal and wood.

Regional Rd. 21, #1123
(519) 875-2412



Michael's painting technique is unique to the art world.

Silver Hill
(519) 582-2032



Norah creates original art combined with the functional.

(519) 426-1260 

RODGER BROWN - iron sculptor

Life-sized iron sculptures and wood decoys birds.

(519) 582-3597


PAUL ROSS - wood turner

Paul creates turned lidded boxes, fountain pens, and salad bowls.

44 Church Road, Village of Boston
(519) 443-5369


CAROLYN MUIR - lampwork bead artist

Carolyn creates unique jewelry.

(519) 443-8783


BRUCE "HOUSE" MILNER - folk artist/musician

"House" or Bruce, is more than a singer/song writer, he is also a talented artist.

886 St. John's Road East, Port Dover
(519) 583-2895



Liz shows an immense talent for translating what is there in an emotional style.
886 St. John's Road East, Port Dover
(519) 583-2895


KIT JULIAN - textile artist

Kit creates silk designs, beads and threads.

(519) 426-6406


MERIANNE FESS - glass artist

Merianne creates glass thoughts.

4 Clifford St, Port Dover
(519) 583-2767



Joanne shows a talent that translates into clay.

33 Willowdale Crescent, Port Dover
(519) 583-1101



Carol creates on masa paper and canvas.

(519) 583-2497


AL McMILLAN - photographer

Al,s focus is on the north, nature, and seascapes.

(519) 583-1630



Florence creates her won patterns in recycled wool fabrics.

(519) 583-1296


CRISTINA ZANELLA - weaver/painter

Cristina creates shawls, scarves, floor and table mats as well as draw and paint with wonderful skill.

Greenoch St. East / St. Andrews St., Port Dover
(519) 583-3283


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