Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Title


Water, Beach...

Cloud Forest...


Streets, Houses...

Mountain Panorama..


Costa Rica, photogrpahs of beach

Costa Rica, photographs of shore, shorebird and hut

Costa Rica, photograph of beach, people and sailboat.

Costa Rica, photograph of shore and seashells

Costa Rica, photograph of restaurant, sailboat and shoreline.

Costa Rica, photograph of pelican, and water cave.

Costa Rica, photographs of shorebird, crab and sunset.

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Costa Rica is a very beautiful tropical paradise. While photographing Costa Rica we meet many Costa Ricans, or as they call themselves, Ticos, who are a very beautiful, polite and caring people.. Costa Rica is between Panama and Nicaragua, with the Costa Rica shorelines on the Pacific and the Atlantic. In Costa Rica we stayed at  Allegro Papaguyo ,which is in the North West corner of Costa Rica. We arrived in Costa Rica in February, which is the dry season throughout Costa Rica except in the mountains where the clouds constantly keep everything moist and green. We visited a Cloud Forest in Costa Rica, with the mountains extending up through the clouds. Allegro Papaguyo is an all inclusive resort, however we were out everyday visiting the environment and people of Costa Rica. We we able to get many beautiful photographs of Costa Rica, which you see here.

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