Gold Coast ,Ontario's South Coast

"Ontario's South Coast has been called many things including the Ontario Riviera, Bluewater Country and the Lake Erie Coast"           Jim Fox, London Free Press

.   Long Point has claimed over 400 ships wrecked or sunk with their treasures lost or stolen, thus the moniker "Gold Coast" one of many names anointing the area over the centuries.


Link and map of the gold coast of ontario, Port Rowan, Port Dover, Turkey Point, Simcoe, Long Point, and Port Ryerse in Norfolk County on Lake Erie

There are 11 pages of photographs, at the final page you can link to He Saw Pottahawk.

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Photograph of Poster for sale of Pottahawk, Turkey Point, Gold coast on the south coast of Ontario

The Pottahawk 2007 Poster Now Available !!  

12" x 18" Beautiful Colour,  $40.00 plus shipping and handling.    Email us to order.



Property for sale on the Gold Coast

Cottages for Sale in Port Rowan

Lake Front for sale in Port Rowan

Real Estate for sale in Port Rowan

Banner ad for, selling real estate, property, lakefront property and cottages in Port Dover, Turkey Point, Simcoe and Long Point, on the Gold Coast, in the South Coast of Ontario on Lake Erie in Norfolk County 


Friday 13th in Port Dover, A photo journal covering 10 years of Friday 13th in Port Dover.


PottaHawk takes place in Turkey Point Ontario and is one of the Highlights in Southern Ontario. Set in the South Coast of Ontario, The Gold Coast Area is alive with fun and excitement . Literally thousand of boats converge on Turkey Point every year on the 2nd Sunday in July.  The Photojournalism Photography is done by, who are unique photographers in Ontario Canada.

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